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  • Go to the top right of the page Settings.
  • Then scroll down the page to where it says Privacy: next to it click on the word Manage.
  • Then click on Profile Information.
  • Then click on Preview my Profile. (top right)
  • Then where it says Preview how your profile appears to a specific person, just fill in the name of the person who you want to check.
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Q: Can you see how someone sees your Facebook profile?
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Can you see who sees your profile?

On facebook

How can i see someone's Facebook profile when they've blocked me?

If they blocked you you cannot see their profile. The only way you can see someone's profile is if your their friend on Facebook.

If someone blocks you from seeing their facebook profile can they still see your Facebook profile?

no, they cant see anything you do, and you cant see anything they do!

How do you see someone who viewed your profile on Facebook?

There is no function for that in Facebook, as of now.

If you block someone on facebook can you see their profile?

No, you can't.

Can someone see if you have viewed their profile on Facebook?

u wantshum

How do you view peoples profile on facebook?

To view someone's profile, click on their name! You just have to be their friend on facebook and then you can view their profile. If you don't add them as a friend then you can only see certain parts of their profile!

Is there a way to tell if someone has visited your profile on Facebook?

Yes, use the facebook app "see whos veiwing your profile". Most likely there scams though.

Who is viewing my Facebook profile?

There is no tracking program or application for Facebook to see who visits your profile.

If someone on facebook blocks you can they still see your stuff?

no, you could look at there profile but they cant see yours:)

Can someone see you viewed their profile?

No, Facebook does not have a current feature for that. Maybe sometime in the future.

Can someone that you are not friends with see that you are looking at their facebook account?

There is no way for any Facebook user to know if you are or are not looking at their Profile. In addition, some of the applications that claim that they can show you who is looking at your Facebook Profile is fake.