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Use natural sea salt soaks. Put a pinch of natural sea salt into a shotglass full of water. While standing, puch the shot glass against your belly to create suction. Then you can lay on your back with it or just stand for about 5 minutes. Also, I would go to your doctor to get antibiotics. They will speed up the treatment and the doctor can also verify that its infected.

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Q: How do you clean an infected belly ring?
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Is your belly ring infected it red what do you clean it with?

the best thing to wash a belly button ring is with anti-bacterial soap it stops the scar tissue

Can you use table salt on your belly ring?

That would not be the smartest idea. that would hurt and not clean the belly ring. so its a stupid idea. it may even get infected.

Rules for a belly ring?

You need to keep the belly ring clean. You should also twist it. You need to use alcohol to clean the outside of the ring and skin.

Why does your belly button reject the belly ring?

A lot of people have extreme sensitivity to metallic piercings, meaning, jewelry that is not 100% gold or silver. If you're belly button ring is metal, especially nickel, that might be the case. You also must be sure to clean it well, at least twice a day. Belly button rings are infected very easily.

What is some basic information about belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing can be a lot of fun, but it must be kept absolutely clean. It is a piercing that is easily infected, and when it does get infected, it's pretty bad. After getting pierced, clean the area twice a day (as well as after the shower, after swimming in the beach, etc). Also know that after the belly button ring is removed, there will be a small scar that can stretch (permanently) during pregnancy.

How to clean a belly button ring if you do get in the pool?

you cant

Is it normal for the top of a belly button piercing to be black?

Not usually. It could either be infected or its just the belly button ring you are using.

Belly button ring has a blackish scab help?

If your belly button ring has a blackish scab you may have torn it or pulled it a little on your clothing. As long as there is not discharge or redness, it isn't infected.

It is safe to swim in the ocean if you are wearing a belly button ring?

Yes, it is safe to swim in the ocean with a belly button ring as long as it isnt infected or has just recently been pierced.

If you dont spray your belly ring with bactraction spray will it get infected?

it wont get infected because i don't, but if you have just had your bellybutton pierced and it is within the 6-7 weeks that you have to keep it in then it is important that you clean it in some way or chances are that it will get infected, but if it after the 6-7 weeks, then it doesn't really matter i don't think because i dnt clean it much and mine is abolutly fine!

The bottom Of your belly Piercing is full of pus and when you go to clean it the pus is a yellowish green color is the piercing infected?

Not at all - because you went to a reputable piercing salon, your belly ring is just secreting anti-microbial compounds to prevent such an infection from happening. Good call.

Is it dangerous to scratch your belly button?

Yes. You could get a scratch in your belly button. Your belly button could get infected. Your belly button could bleed. If your belly button get infected you have to clean it with hydrogen peroxide rubbing alcohol iodine or antiseptic cream. If it doesn't heal after a week you have to see a doctor at the clinic or hospital.