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Buy an expensive testing kit.

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Q: How do you check weed for levels of THC?
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How will levels of THC be affected from weed?

i dont understand the qustion.

How can you tell how much THC is in weed?

This is stupid question as THC only comes from weed and it depends entirely on the type of weed and how its grown

What is mellow weed?

mellow weed is weed with a los THC level.

What is the drug in weed?


Does red dragon show up on drug tests?

Yes! Red Dragon has very high THC levels. The more THC, the stronger it'll be on the drug test. So, better weed = worse test results.

How do you know that you have smoked weed with THC in it?

all grass has thc in it stay green <3

Is baby weed as strong as regular weed?

no, cuz the THC is produced when its biggerWhat the hell is 'Baby Weed'?

If iam 87 days clean from weed can you pass a drug test?

Yes, also you can check yourself, use a home drug test kit (for weed- Single THC test kit).

What was kush described as?

a higher dose of THC in weed

If you sweat does weed get out faster?

No. Time removes THC.

What makes you test positive for THC?


What do weed have in it?

THC. Thats the stuff that gets you high.