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Go to your profile, and then hover over your picture. Then click change profile picture.

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Q: How do you change your default picture on facebook?
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How do you change your picture in Cafe World on Facebook?

Change your default picture on facebook

What is a default picture on facebook?

A default picture is a picture that is there before you put your own picture. On Facebook this is the blank guy where you only see is shoulders and head.

Where do you get your avatar picture for Cafe World?

It's your facebook default picture.

How do you change your avatar on Wiki Answers?

Some users link their facebook account, which allows for your current default picture on facebook to appear as your avatar picture on Wikianswers. This can be altered in the "My Settings" tab to the left in the blue column.

What does default mean on facebook?

It means your main profile picture

How do you make the sketch picture on facebook your profile picture?

You should be able to delete your current Facebook profile picture and then you should be able to get the default picture back as if you have just opened a new Facebook account.

What is a default on Facebook?

Before, I didn't know what it meant by "I really like your default" or "my favorite part of your default is your hair" on facebook. Now I understand that saying "default" is like saying "profile picture" on fb

How do you change your default picture to a video?

It is not possible to change your profile picture to a video.

How can you remove the image from your profile?

if you want it removed permanently, then you delete. if you want to change your default to another picture, then you go to the picture you want, and click default picture. (:

How do you change your picture on Facebook?

You put your mouse on the old picture on the top right corner and click change picture

How do you get a profile picture on Facebook?

go to your profile, click on the picture of that outlined default pic. click brows, find the pic u want

How do you edit the Facebook logo?

I don't think you can. You can make a social network and change the logo, but I don't think you can change the default Facebook logo.