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I want to cancel my tracfone service

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Lila Draper

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how to we cancel our trac phone account

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how do I cancel my trac phone account

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Q: How do you cancel your TRACFONE service?
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Can safe-link service be transferred to another tracfone?

Yes, if your safelink phone is a tracfone, you can transfer service to a different tracfone. Before I tried I contacted customer service to make sure.

Do you have tracfone service in WI?

Tracfone is an extention of the AT&T service. Anywhere that AT&T has service will allow access for tracefone users. Yes, we certainly do have service.

How do I cancel service ?

How do I cancel service

Can you make a Verizon phone work with tracfone?

No, you need to buy a Tracfone phone to use their service.

Does tracfone suck?

No, Tracfone does not suck. I own one, and I am very pleased with it. I have never had any problems with my phone, or the service.

Can you use NET10 service with an unactivated Tracfone phone?


Every time i try to access the tracfone browser it says data service not available where can I access the browser?

I have had the same problem. When you contact Tracfone they will tell you the local carrier does not provide it or the towers in your area can't send data. But what it is is Tracfone is unwilling to provide the service to you and the people in your area. I contacted my local provider and they do provide the service but Tracfone is unwilling to provide it to the customers. I called Tracfone and after 30 minutes I fianally got a superviser to admit Tracfone is unwilling to provide data service in my area even though they keep blaming the local carriers

How do you unregistered your tracfone?

Call your service provider - and get them to unlock it. They will probably make a charge for the service.

What network does TracFone use?

TracFone uses both Verizon and AT&T's network to provide service to their customers. The network you have depends on your location.

I know i can call another country from my tracfone but can i take it and use it in that country?

NO, tracfone can only be used in USA! That is what customer service just told me

What is the puk code for a LG800G?

call your service provider. if its net10 call net10 and if its tracfone (like mine) call tracfone. I think its 0000000000.

Is there a such thing as a blackberry compatible with tracfone service?

no unless it has been jailbroken