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First, become friends with him, spending time hanging out for instance. Make it obvious that you like him and ask how he feels about the two of you together. If he is comfortable with it, ask him to go out and do something fun, such as going to the mall. When you feel really comfortable with him and he feels the same, then ask him on a "real" date. If he is already your boyfriend, just ask him if he'd like to go to a movie, or whatever you like doing together, sometime. You'd be surprised at how easy that is. And if he rejects you be silent for an while, but try to be close friends with him. He might just ask you out!

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First of all, how old are you? If you're out of high school then you're on your own but, I think it's easier to ask by instant messaging if you have their instant messaging account. If you don't then try sending them an email, walking up to him and giving him a note or putting a note in his locker. I've only asked a guy out once but i think that lots of these would work because these are some methods that guys have used to ask me out. Or just walk up and say "I was wondering, you wanna go __________ on ________ night?" If he doesn't like you then, just move on. It depends on the guy. Some would feel awkward being asked out, some would love it! Some don't like a woman to be so forward, some want nothing more than to not have to do it themselves. In any case, I recommend being direct rather than leaving a note or something. Make it casual, but just ask, either on the phone or in person.

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Q: How do you call boys for a date?
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