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Q: How do you calculate the age of your bettinsoli talento shotgun?
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How do I age my Bettinsoli Supersport Shotgun?

Blue Book of Gun Values.

What is the age of a Winchester model 12 shotgun with serial number 735537?

your model 12 Winchester shotgun was made in the age of your shotgun is 73 yrs.old.

Age of Iver jojnson 16 gauge shotgun serial 33743?

age Iver Johnson shotgun serial # 33743

What is the age of fox sterlingworth shotgun serial 96456?

your shotgun was made in 1922.

What is the legal age to purchase a shotgun?

18 years of age.

Age and value of a Western Field shotgun?

age an value m550al

How do you determine age of browning sweet 16?

The age of your shotgun is determined by the serial number that was assigned to it.if you wish to include this number in the form of a question we will be able to age your shotgun for you?

What age can you buy a shotgun in Nashville?


What is the age of a model 12 Winchester shotgun serial 390686?

Your Winchester shotgun was manufactured in 1914.

What is the age of Winchester 1897 shotgun Sn 10898?

Your winchester shotgun was made by winchester in 1899.

What is the age of Winchester model 12 with a serial number of 1628006?

Your winchester model 12 shotgun was made by winchester in 1957.That puts the age of your model 12 shotgun at 54 years of age.

How old is baker shotgun serial?

I have a baker shotgun serial number is 6045. Can anyone tell me the age