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I have a baker shotgun serial number is 6045. Can anyone tell me the age

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Q: How old is baker shotgun serial?
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Ithaca ShotGun 10 gauge serial no 3650 How Old is it?

If this is an old side by side it would be a Baker model made in 1886. Serial numbers of Ithaca shotguns for that year were 2448 - 4101.

Baker Black Beauty shotgun Serial 46573 when was it made?

Probably turn of the century.

How old is a Iver Johnson shotgun serial 98404 and its value?

How old is a Iver Johnson shotgun serial 98404 and its value

How old is your browning shotgun with Serial L43RN?


Serial number 64948 shotgun how old is it?

Which model?

How old is browning shotgun serial no 40097MT?


How old is Remington 12ga shotgun serial How old is my Remington 12ga shotgun serial?

i have 2 Remington model 141, carbine serial #c 69757 and a 141 gamemaster serial #25543. what are the production dates and how many were produced?

How old is a 12 gauge pump shotgun serial?

In order to answer your question,you must include the Make of the shotgun,the model number,and serial number.

How old is Winchester shotgun serial k272182?

Cannot be answered unless you include the model of WInchester shotgun in question,along with the serial number.

How old is Browning B25 shotgun serial no 52511V8?

With the V8 suffix to your serial number.Your Browning B25 shotgun was made in the Year 1968.

How old is your ted Williams model 300 shotgun?

how old is my ted Williams model 300 shotgun with serial NUMBER273.2500

How old is a colt shotgun serial number 20403?

if it is the 1878 hammer shotgun made about 1886