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well she will notice you if you come to school naked

i did it once and she cetainly noticed but i also got suspended

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Q: How do you attract a girl at high school?
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In high school what sport is most likely to attract a girl to you?

The answer to that is probably football if Canada hockey and everywhare else soccer

How do you attract a decent girl?

The way to attract a girl is mostly to be your self. I'm a boy at High School and I always act my self. It turns out that what I say and do girls find funny, so they are always around me. You don't have to just be funny. You can be kind or helpful

Where is SNSD Sunny High School?

It's Baehwa Girl's High School

How do you get girl in high school?

to get a girl in high school just be yourself and try talking to them or just becoming friends then later on it will lead to a relationship between you and the girl

Who was first girl to dunk in high school?

georgian wells nortland high school

Is Lowell high school an all girl's high school?

i dont think so

Who is sabras?

Sabra Alder is a girl that abuses high school students.

How do you find out a high school girl loves you in high school?

look at her twitter or facebook page

Should you ask out a high school girl?

If you're also in high school then I say go for it.

What is considered to be a good shot put throw for a high school girl?

35 ft for high school

What is 'girl student' when translated from English to Italian?

"Girl student" in English means scolara below high school and studentessa for high school and up in Italian.

How tall is a junior girl in high school?