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AnswerNot for all women. AnswerIt can be for a woman, depending on various physical and emotional factors. Some women's first times were painful, some women had no pain at all.

Best advice? Make the guy use a condom and a water based lubricant (k-y jelly). Make sure the guy you are with takes the time to sexually arouse you (if you're a guy, take the time to arouse the girl--you'll enjoy it.) Also, don't have sex until you are 100% comfortable with the idea and are not being persuaded into it.

AnswerIt sort of can be for some, not for others. It also depends on how big the guy is and how small you are. It can hurt, however, if the guy loves you, the two of you will be able to deal with it. Also, you NEED to use a condom. You NEED to deal with Birth Control. Welcome to the world of woman hood. AnswerIt was a little painful for me.. I didn't bleed. If you do plan to have sex, just make sure you talk to your partner first and have him understand to take it easy. AnswerHello, are people really this naive???! Hymenectomy, you can have the hymen removed BEFORE you have sex. We do live in modern times with modern inovations-such as medicine, you might have heard of this before. As such, there is no reason for women to have to put up with a man too eager to wait for sex that they can't have the hymen removed. So instead, they end up with people telling them it's normal to have it tear and to bleed for a week or so. NO IT'S NOT! Have the hymen removed. This won't cure all the other problems but it will sure help. AnswerHello, did you notice that some people can't afford that kind of surgery? It should be natural anyway. Sex was painful the first time and I bled, but I did it with someone worthy enough.
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Sex can be uncomfortable or painful the first time for some girls due to factors like nervousness, lack of arousal, or inexperience. It's important to communicate openly with your partner, go slow, and use lubrication to make the experience more comfortable. If the pain persists or is severe, it's advisable to see a healthcare provider to rule out any underlying issues.

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im assuming you are a female because sex should not hurt for a male, unless it is too dry and his penis is being rubbed too hard. For most women, sex doesn't hurt after the first time. Dryness can be a problem that would cause pain, and in that case you should use a water-based lubricant, such as KY. Another reason that could cause pain is just a naturally tight vaginal opening, which can actually be stretched by a gynecologist. Another reason for pain could be that he is being too rough, or going too deep. Sex pain can be caused by many different things and it is best to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing pain all the time

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it does not hurt that bad it does hurt your vagina though and if you do not get your period in 2 weeks then you are pregnant

Actually, you can have a later period than that and not be pregnant. It depends on when you had your last period. If your period is regular, it should come every 28 days. :) When you're younger or just started your period, it may not come regularly and your next period could come in months! :-oo Just make sure that when you do have sex, you're protected, emotionally ready, and with someone you love. :D

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Q: How bad does sex hurt the first time for a girl?
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