How do you attract a girl?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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First of all you shouldn't change for someone, they should like you for who you are. Corny jokes get really annoying. I have a boyfriend, he's really sweet and compliments me, it makes me feel good. But here's the point, treat her with care and passion and be yourself. Don't think burping and farting is a good way to attract us girls one burp here and there is all right but the farts gotta go, they STINK! If a girl looks pretty tell them, don't just stare at them they will get really creeped out. But in one way they might come and ask why you were staring at them and then that could start a relationship.

Walk up to her give her a good compliment then walk away she will have the urge to chase after you, and trust me she will, then you can keep her chasing or date her.

Most girls like funny boys so don't be afraid to crack a joke, but not a corney joke. If she is a dark (Emo/Goth) go though being a dark (Emo/Goth), if you are not already. Good healthy boys, like most girls, do NOT like the pants being down so you can see your underwear. And DO NOT be hard to GET.

The one before me was good. Just talk to her. Be funny and sweet. But don't be pushy. I am a girl and I had a boyfriend recently that followed me everywhere; lets just say it didnt last very long. DONT BE CLINGY! And don't be hard to get; if she asks you if you like her don't say i don't know or maybe. Girls HATE it and just want a straight up answer.

Exactly, and also if the girl likes you chances are she is thinking of you when you're not together so its a good thing not to be clingy.

Boys have done that to me before and I thought it was plain weird.

I am a boy and from experience the person who first answered is quite right. I found the perfect girl but no, burping is horrible and farting, try to hide it, this is to the guys. You just act yourself and if they don't like who you really are then they aren't worth the pain.

Where I'm from you need to look like Edward Cullen and Christiano Ronaldo! That's ALL girls care about, looks nothing else! I don't have a girlfriend and probably won't because I am not a footballer or have sparkling skin. The statement about there is always a person for someone seems wrong to me! I know people that half there life is over and never meet anybody!

Attracting a girl is hard some times. I know because boys at my school go for the girls with their noses in the air. Girls like it if you just be yourself. If your not cool then I don't know, but still. I did like this boy, gosh he was wow. But he was himself and I could see the way he started to act around me he liked me. He was in year 9 and I was in year 6 but I liked him so. It was him being himself that attracted me and no I did wish he said he liked me because I'll never know.

I'm a guy! I have a really great personality but sometimes that means absolutely nothing! Tell a girl hi and she looks the other way. Offer her a hand shake and she just stands and stares at your hand in scorn. Smile at her and she pulls a face. Go out on a first date with her and although everything goes well she never speaks to you after. Try to make them laugh and they make you look like an idiot in public. You know how embarrassing it is to tell a girl good morning in public and she completely ignores you?

Sometime you reach a point where its better to just leave people alone and save yourself embarrassment.

I think the best thing is being funny. I'm funny and it attracts guite a few girls.


Don't try to impress girls its just plain stupid! Just be yourself because girls do not like guys who try to be something the're not. And don't show off or act older than you really are!

Don't act cool! That just makes the girl think that you're arrogant. Being funny works, but no jokes. Just drop in a funny comment here and there, and don't be too sarcastic. if you're having trouble getting a girl, think about the kind a girl you want and then think about the kind of girl you are trying to attract. Do the lists match up?

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someone with strong musles and a good aditud and ready for some kids

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Q: How do you attract a girl?
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How do you attract a girl if you are a girl?

Dont try to attract a girl just be yourself and maybe they will be attracted to you. but you have to know if they are lesbians too!

How do you attract any girl?

You can't attract every girl. Everyone likes different things. Just be yourself.

How to attract an older girl?

The best way to attract an older girl, or any girl for that matter, is to be yourself. It will be to your advantage if you are mature, sensible and not afraid to approach her.

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To attract a girl you like, you should be yourself. She will probably give you a chance if you are nice and honest.

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Be yourself and have fun

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do you mean to get her attracted to you well that depends on the girl

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First make sure that she is also looking to attract a girl and if she is and knows u ate looking fir a girl too then start by talking with her and get to know her then make UR move

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Learn how to do a Backflip

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I think if you have the honesty and boldness you can attract any person . So if i want to attract any college girl simply i have to be a good person and try to do something so that she may notice me :)

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The girl will not be attracted to you if she doesn't like you. Sorry.

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