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You don't! Give her a foot message, then discreetly smell your hands.

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Q: How do you ask a girl to let you smell her feet?
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How can you ask a girl to let me smell her feet?

Your feet attract me. But they may be tired, so let me rub and see if they need comfort.

Girls how can you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

make her fall asleep.

How can you find a girl who will let you smell her feet?

Take her foot and smell it. Then see what happens. Dude just go to the gym. I'm sure someone girl will let you in private

How can you convince your girlfriend to let you smell her feet?

tell her you have a foot fetish or ask for her shoes

Will Taylor Swift let you smell her feet?

maybe if u ask her on facebook in private message to smell her feet.after that tell her to come to ur house and say can i smell ur feet.

How can a guy ask another guy to let him smell his feet?

it involves a close friend, your feet and some very strong vodka =]

What do you do if your friend wants to smell your feet?

just let him you will prob like it it feels amazing and then you can ask him if u can smell his its amazing to feel in power

Will Carrie Underwood let you smell her feet?

I'm not so sure about that it would the same thing with taylor swift and any other female celebrity that just maybe if you asked them in a private message on facebook if you can smell their feet and they meet you in person then they let you smell their feet then it's only fair that they get to smell your feet in return just tell them in the best nicest way that you can to say come to your house and ask you the same question please now may I smell your feet?

Do men let people smell their feet?

sometimes they do

How do you get a girl to let you smell her feet?

why would you want that. If you absolutely insist there is a guy name phil who sets guys up with girls who will let you smell there feet. His number is 571 721 1643 (Real Number), he is the owner of Good luck on smelling some feet! Oh it does cost so be prepared.

Why do boys like to smell woman's feet?

because it is foot fetish so if there is a woman that needs me to smell her feet let me know

How do you let a boy love a girl?

Smell good..... Like vanilla.

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