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Christmas is a Christian holiday and not many Chinese people are Christian. So the Chinese celebrate Christmas, but most of people do not celebrate it for the same reasons that Christians do.

If you were to visit China during Christmas time, you'd see signs of Christmas everywhere you looked. One can find Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations on the streets and in department stores, particularly in urban areas. Attendance at Christmas Eve parties and celebrations has also become more and more popular.

Many Chinese people, especially the young men, celebrate this holiday by exchanging Christmas cards & gifts, hanging Chinese Christmas decobbbration at home, eating Christmas dinners in nice western restaurants (not cooking at home), attending Christmas Eve parties, and spending time with family and friends. There is Christmas shopping too. The stores will offer discounts and coupons to attract more customers. Although December 25th is not a public holiday, Christmas has become part of life for Chinese people in recent years.
They go about their daily business, because Christmas isn't a major holiday in China.

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2016-02-04 11:57:59
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Most Chinese don't celebrate Christmas

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Q: How do the Chinese people celebrate Christmas?
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Do all Chinese people celebrate Christmas?

No. Not all of them celebrate christmas.

When did the Chinese start to celebrate Christmas and why?

They started to celebrate Christmas when people came to china and forced the Chinese to celebrate Christmas with brute force...

How do Chinese people celebrate there Christmas?

they dont celebrate christmas,they celebrate new years day

What does Chinese people eat on Christmas day?

They don't celebrate Christmas

Why people celebrate Chinese New Year?

people celebrate Chinese new year is because Chinese new year is their tradition.

Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?

As a tradition, no. But there are Chinese people who like to celebrate Christmas like the Chinese people living in Hong Kong (HK was a British colony before its return to China in 1997).

What do Chinese people eat at Christmas?

A lot of Chinese don't celebrate Christmas. They celebrate New Years. IF they did then probably rice, duck, noodles, etc.

What do Chinese people do in church to celebrate Christmas?

eat cheese

What do people in china do in Christmas?

Actually, Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas so they don't eat anything particular on Christmas.

What do Chinese people eat on Christmas?

There are only a small number of Chinese people who celebrate Christmas. For those that do, roast lamb or duck is usually served for Christmas dinner.

What kind of decorations do Chinese people put up for Christmas?

China doesn't celebrate Christmas.

What do Chinese drink at Christmas time?

It depends what religion they are. Many people in China do not celebrate Christmas.

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