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Actually, Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas so they don't eat anything particular on Christmas.

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Q: What do people eat in China on Christmas?
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What do people in china do in Christmas?

Actually, Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas so they don't eat anything particular on Christmas.

What china eat on Christmas day?

The most popular christmas food in China is dumplings.

Traditional Christmas dish in China?

no, they eat something more organic than pizza. Chinese people don't eat smelly pizza, but they do eat McDonald's

What do people in China hang on their trees?

Most people in China do not have Christmas Trees.

Why do you eat Christmas dinner on Christmas day?

Some People have Christmas dinner on Christmas day and some people eat it on Boxing day

What do Lithuanian people eat on Christmas day?

On Christmas day we eat mostly things that people in the UK and USA eat.

Do Chinese people eat monkeys?

In central china and southern china, people eat monkeys.

What decorations do people in China hang on their Christmas trees?

In China, there is no Christmas. However, recent years people started to celebrate Christmas everywhere. I live in US. I hang small red silk lanterns on my Christmas tree.

Do they give presents on Christmas in china?

People who celebrate Christmas usually give presents, yes, but there are many people in China who do not celebrate the holiday because they are not Christians.

In my country, Japan, most people eat turkey and strawberry cake on Christmas. What do the British people normally eat on Christmas?

In British, People eat Christmas cake followed by turkey

What food do people in the Philippines eat for Christmas?

The food that Filipinos eat on Christmas Eve and on the holiday season show the various influences of the West and of China. Influenced by Chinese traditions, Filipinos eat 12 varieties of fruits for Christmas, preferably round ones. From the West, Filipinos have acquired the tradition of eating walnuts, queso de bola (cheese) and grapes for Christmas.

Do china eat candy canes for Christmas?

First of all the question should state, "Do Asian people eat candy canes for Christmas?" The answer is only 1/3 of Asians celebrate Christmas so 3/4 of Asians don't even celebrate the holiday. Those who do celebrate Christmas do eat candy canes unless they are alergic or do not enjoy the candy.