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Check for all the books published on the company, check the maker's web site, check various on line forums

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Q: How do i research a gun's serial number?
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Can a police officer run a guns serial number with out the gun?

Yes, as long as he knows the serial number.

Can you look up a guns serial number?


Where is serial number on forehand and Wadsworth revolver?

Most F&Ws that HAD a serial number had it stamped on the butt- and stamped on the rear of the cylinder. LEGALLY, the one on the butt is the serial number. Many older guns did not have serial numbers, especially lower cost guns.

Search for serial number on guns?

Not certain of your question. Not all guns HAVE a serial number. They were not required on US rifles and shotguns until the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Is there such thing as a online gun registry?

No. Some enthusiasts of a particular gun may keep serial number lists for historical research, but there is no central database of all guns.

How do you reQUISTER a gun with out a serial number?

First, I think you mean register. In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to register ordinary firearms. Now, about the serial number- it is unlawful to REMOVE a serial number, or to possess a gun that has had the SN removed. However, there are guns that do not HAVE a serial number, and they are legal. Rifles and shotguns made prior to 1968 were not required to have serial number. Those guns are listed as NSN- No Serial Number- on paperwork that asks for a serial number.

Where to look up Serial numbers of guns?

Get the serial number Get a book on the comapany that has Serial Number data or a book that has serial number data, i.e., Blue Book of Gun Values.

Where can you find information about guns by serial number?

What kind of information?

Why is there serial numbers on guns and bullets?

Inventory tracking for firearms. BTW, ammunition does not have a serial number.

What year serial number start ON GUNS?

SOME guns had serial numbers in the late 1800s. They were required by law on handguns and machine guns in 1934 (in the US) and on rifles and shotguns in 1968.

Where is the serial on Stevens Mod 59A 410 shotgun?

Most of these guns wont have a serial number as they were made from 1938 to 1947, which was before they were required on long guns.

Did they every make any of these guns without a serial number?