How do gooey aliens get pregnant?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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they do it at night
rube your aliens on the for five min's in 2-4 days it shoud be pregnant. (if its a boy no it wont get pregnant)

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Q: How do gooey aliens get pregnant?
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Where can you get baby gooey aliens?

You can get baby gooey aliens from your local news agents. Walmart Tagget i belive.

How do gooey aliens be born?

they be born in the aliens head.

How do you know if a gooey alien is a girl or boy?

if you look boy have willies and girls dont Some gooey aliens dont have willies so you can tell by looking at the aliens back and if there is a slit deep down its a girl if not its a boy. also some gooey aliens are he-she's.

Do gooey aliens have baby gooey aliens in their head?

yes they do because there head gets bigger wihich means a baby so you need to keep it warm

Are gooey aliens real?

yes and they will invade in 2011

How do gooey aliens mate?

rub there backs together

Do red gooey aliens have babies?

no because they dont exist

Can you wash gooey aliens?

but it in the sink and wash it with soap x

Can gooey aliens live without goo?

they cant survive because the aliens dry up and die

Can two girl gooey aliens have babies?

no girls and girls cant have it

What cool things do your gooey aliens do?

They fly around the world in a ufo

How long do you have to rub the gooey aliens back for to make them get pregnant?

5 minutes then in 30 days it will be pregnant. you know it will be pregnant because its head will get bigger when it is pregnant make sure you keep them warm and keep them wrapped up in the goo or you can loose the alien baby. x x