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They put their finger round the opening to the uterus

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Q: How do doctors strip membranes on pregnant women?
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Can pregnant women eat Tums?

Yes, it is okeyed by doctors

Can pregnant women eat goat meat?

Pregnant women can, in fact, eat goat meat. Generally, though, pregnant women should check with their doctors for personal advice before consuming it.

Pregnant women need approximately how many grams of protein a day?

From what I've read, Doctors recommend a minimum of 60g of protein a day for pregnant women.

Can pregnant women take ibprophin for headachs?

Yes. Pregnant woman can take ibuprofen. But then paracetamol is preferred by most doctors.

What are the precautions associated with using myrrh?

Not to be taken by pregnant women or children. Should be kept away from eyes and mucous membranes.

How is morning sickness treated by doctors?

Several antiemetic, or antivomiting, medications are available for pregnant women.

Can a women be pregnant for 45 weeks?

Yes, but the doctors would probably suggest inducing you at 42 weeks. My mum was pregnant for 44 weeks she just told the doctors if the baby was ready then he would come out.

Can you take your regular medications while pregnant?

It can be dangerous to stop your regular medications while pregnant. You need to discuss with both your Ob/Gyn and your other doctors what you should do. In UK some doctors do special clinics for pregnant women, for example diabetics.

How many weeks pregnant is the mum when the embryo is a week old?

The women has been pregnant for a week, although most doctors count from the date since the woman's last period.

How does someone know if they are pregnant without a test?

Some women have pregnancy symptoms in which they suspect that they are pregnant. Other women have a strong maternal instinct and just "feel" pregnant. But it is hard to really know without having an accurate pregnancy test (either at home or at a doctors office).

Is bubble bath safe for pregnant women?

If there is no medical indication (such as ruptured membranes or bleeding) to avoid taking bubble bath during a pregnancy, it is safe for mother and baby.

Can women get pregnant by chimp?

can a women get a women pregnant