How do I add minutes to my TracFone?

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How do I add minutes to my TracFone?

good morning, i have a prepaid cell phone card that a friend sent me for dallas and i cant activated it so tell what should i do. thank you.

you add minutes to the trac phone

call in and see if u can put mintes on your phone

go to menu on the phone, then click on prepaid and then either add airtime or buy air time. Then it will ask for a pin if you bought a card. You can get those at any dollar store, freds, and some wal-marts and walgreens. Good luck

Buy minutes card from the drugstore or go online @ to purchase additional minutes.

buy a tracfone pre paid card and follow the directions printed on the back

how much do it cost for minutes and how minutes do you get

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2011-08-08 14:06:03
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I add minutes with a card purchased at CVS.

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Q: How do I add minutes to my TracFone?
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Related questions

How do you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another?

Yes you can, if the phone your using to add minutes already has minutes, but yes you can.

How can one earn free tracfone minutes?

One can earn free tracfone minutes by doing tasks for tracfone. These tasks can involve completing surveys or doing research for tracfone and getting paid with tracfone minutes.

Can you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

yes you can. call tracfone.

How do you get free tracfone minutes?

who ever has a tracfone, give me your numbers

Why didn't they put credit on my tracfone they took my money?

Usually retail stores will issue you receipt with a PIN number to use when adding minutes to your tracfone acount. You can add your minutes directly through your tracfone using the PIN number as proof of purchase, or you can go to the tracfone website and do it through there. In either case, you will need the PIN number from the receipt.

Does playing games on a tracfone cost?

It does not cost to play games on your Tracfone. But it does cost minutes to buy games on a Tracfone.

Can you transfer your Tracfone minutes to a phone under Net10?

No you can not transfer your tracfone minutes to a net10 phone because they are two different systems run by the same company, I know I have a tracfone & I wish I could transfer my minutes from tracfone to net10 but call them it can't hurt

How do you add airtime on a tracfone?

You go in to the airtime menu and type in a code and wala you have a ...... minute tracfone.

Your tracfone now has 357 minutes will you loose those minutes when you buy another tracfone?

No only if you enter another card number. =)

If your get double minutes for a TracFone and then get double minutes again is that quadruple minutes?

sadly no

Can you tranfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

Yes you can. Your airtime goes along with it though.

How do I check my minutes for my Tracfone?

I have a Tracfone and everytime I look at it, the number of remaining service days and the number of remaining minutes scrolls across the screen. You can also check this information by logging onto your online Tracfone account.

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