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by getting wasted and then party then do the hocy poky

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Q: How do England people celebrate Christmas?
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Do people in England celebrate Christmas?


Why do people in England celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated by all christians therefore it can be celebrated naywhere in the world if you are christian and definitely in England

Is there any country in the western Europe does not celebrate Christmas?

In England in the 1644 (somewhere around that) people were thrown in prison if they were caught celebrating Christmas. But now England is welcome to celebrate. I hope i helped :)

Do england people celebrate christmas?

it depends on your religion most people do but jahovahs and similar religions don't

How do people in Korea celebrate Christmas?

how do people in korea celebrate Christmas

Who are the people celebrate Christmas?

Christian Celebrate Christmas...

Do people celebrate Christmas in Cuba?

Yes, people in Cuba do celebrate Christmas.

Does Nigeria celebrate Christmas like England?


What day do england celebrate christmas?

28th December

What traditions does England celebrate during Christmas?

England celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December every year.

Why do the people of Chile celebrate Christmas?

The people of Chile celebrate Christmas because most of them consider themselves to be Christians. Those Chileans who are not Christians do not celebrate Christmas.

What festivals do the Church of England celebrate?

They celebrate christian festivals, such as Christmas, Easter etc.