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Yes, people in Cuba do celebrate Christmas.

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Q: Do people celebrate Christmas in Cuba?
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What do women of Cuba wear for Christmas?

Nothing,People in Cuba don't celebrate Christmas

Are people allowed to celebrate Christmas in Cuba?


In cuba how do they celebrate Christmas?

they dont, they only celebrate easter

Where in Cuba do they celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated everywhere on the island by those that choose to celebrate it. It is celebrated in homes and churches.

What day do Cuba celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated according to the calendar in use, not by geographical location. Cuba uses the Gregorian calendar.

How do people in Korea celebrate Christmas?

how do people in korea celebrate Christmas

Who are the people celebrate Christmas?

Christian Celebrate Christmas...

How do Chinese people celebrate there Christmas?

Chinese people who's religion is Christianity,they usually go to a Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve at exactly 12:00 at midnight, just like you do. Chinese who believe in something else, they put up all the Santa and Rudolph stuff, which is NOT the real meaning of Christmas. But, in Taiwan, the kids don't have any holidays, 'coz they don't celebrate Christmas.

How do people in other countries celebrate their Christmas?

Canada is a country where most of the population are followers of the Christian faith. Christmas in Canada is celebrated by holidays from work, attending church services, decorations in homes and public buildings and the exchange of gifts.

Why do the people of Chile celebrate Christmas?

The people of Chile celebrate Christmas because most of them consider themselves to be Christians. Those Chileans who are not Christians do not celebrate Christmas.