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John Brown tried to end slavery by sacrificing himself for the life's of slaves.

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Q: How did john brown try to end slavery?
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Who used violence to try to end slavery?

John Brown

When did Andrew Johnson try to end slavery?

yes he did try to end slavery.

When did they try to end slavery?

January, 1863 is when they tried to end slavery.

What did some people do to try to end slavery?

people who opposed slavery worked to abolish it or end it

How did John Browns raid on the Harpers Ferry arsenal help the movement to end slavery?

The aborted attempt to use violence to begin a slave revolt in the South actually set the abolitionist movement back, instead of aiding the fight to end slavery. Most Americans were repulsed at the tactic of John Brown to capture a Federal arsenal, and try to incite a revolution. Most Americans were against this sort of bloody tactic.

What did the abolitionsts try to end before the civil war?


How did the actions of John Brown deepen the conflict over slavery in the US?

Most Americans were against violence with regards to the slavery issue in antebellum America. This was doubled when a US arsenal like the one at Harper's Ferry was used by John Brown and his men, including some of his sons, to try to incite slaves to revolt. Brown's actions made many abolitionists look far to radical in the eyes of law abiding citizens. In the case of other radical abolitionists, Brown's actions were not applauded but were respected. Unfortunate Brown was already known as a killer in Kansas. This fact hurt the anti-slavery movement. Few people who did support Brown, divided the anti-slavery movement as well.

When did John F Kennedy try to free slaves?

Slavery was abolished at the end of the American Civil War. A long time before John F Kennedy became President of the USA.

What happened at Harpers Ferry Virginia?

Under the alias of Issac Smith, John Brown, bought a farm in Maryland. Brown, who was intensely against slavery, led an attack on the Federal arsenal in Virginia. His goal was to free the slaves in that State and perhaps start a slave rebellion. The arsenal had the weapons John Brown needed. He was captured by Federal troops and later hanged for treason against the State of Virginia. The Virginia Governor, Henry Wise, was the individual who actually charged Brown with treason. Brown became a martyr for the anti slavery movement in the North.

What did John Brown deal with?

John Brown dealt with his desire (however admiral it was ) to abolish slavery in the United States. He decided to try to start a slave revolt in the South and fuel it with the arms he captured at the Harper's Ferry Federal arsenal in 1859. His 20 or so followers failed to recruit any number of Virginia slaves into a revolt. Brown was captured and executed in December of 1859.

Did John Brown attack the federal armory at Harpers Ferry?

To start a slave revolt.

What did Thomas Jefferson try to end?

Thomas Jefferson tried to end the pirate attacks on US ships. He also tried to end slavery.