How did John Brown help the slaves?

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John Brown led the raid at Harper's Ferry in 1859 and electrified the slaves into action. Ultimately, His actions led to the Civil war, which led to the Emancipation Proclamation. So essentially, John Brown's actions freed the slaves even though the Raid failed miserably

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Q: How did John Brown help the slaves?
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How many slaves did john brown help?

About three fity.

John brown wanted to help slaves by?

he wanted to help slaves by making them join his plan . he will use violence.

How did John brown treat his slaves?

John Brown was a fierce abolitionist and therefore, never owned slaves.

Why did john brown help the slaves?

Simply because he was a fanatical Abolitionist - and therefore not typical of Northern attitudes.

Did Harriet Tubman help John Brown free slaves?

Harriet Tubman was a former slave and active abolitionist. She had risked her life by helping slaves to escape from Southern plantations and was part of the Underground Railroad. She was approached by John Brown to help in his plot to create a slave rebellion. She agreed to help him and supplied Brown with maps of Virginia and agreed to go to Canada to recruit former slaves to return back South to help in the rebellion. For all her efforts to help Brown, nothing helped to free the slaves that Brown attempted to do. For her illegal activities, there was a bounty of $40,000 for her capture. She always managed to escape the law.

Who are the most famous slaves?

John brown

What was John Brown's plan?

John Brown's plan was to make all slaves rebel against slavery.

What people helped John Brown in his attempt to start a revolution among slaves?

The sons of John Brown helped him in his attempt to start a revolution among the slaves.

How many slaves did john brown free?


Who was the abolitionist who tried to arm slaves in Virginia?

John Brown

How many slaves were freed by john brown's raid?


How did john brown try to end slavery?

John Brown tried to end slavery by sacrificing himself for the life's of slaves.

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