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Q: How could you find out the real identity of someone using a fake facebook account?
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How can you steal a Facebook?

"Stealing" someone's Facebook account would violate Facebook's terms of agreement. Your IP adress could be tracked and you can be blocked from Facebook and legal action be taken against you.

What is considered vandalizing on Facebook?

Vandalzing on facebook is when someone posts useless, annoying, dumb, or offensive things to other people. You could get your account suspended by a supervisor on facebook if you do vandalize.

How do you find out a fake account on facebook?

It would be quite simple to find out how a fake account is. The fake account is usually made by someone who is pretending to be someone who think is funny, but actually that person is just being weird and could be a stalker in disguise. You can tell how the person speaks or acts on facebook. Then, you can compare how the actual person (whom the other person is in disguise on facebook) behaves and talks.

Can you receive emails from Facebook without having a Facebook account?

No. You need an account before you could do that. How would they know your email?

Why is cyberbullying not allowed on Facebook?

Cyberbullying on FacebookCyberbullying on facebook is when someone posts offensive statements or writes mean things on your message on facebook. Cyberbullying on facebook could get your account denied from logging in, and your account suspended either temporarily or permanently. People cyberbully on facebook is because they may want attention from other facebook users or friends, and want to act cool. But they are actually breaking the facebook help center, and violating the facebook cyberbullying policy.

How could you find if someone checked your profile on facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have that function.

How can you add Gmail account in facebook?

Gmail account is the only way to create Facebook account. Yahoo and Hot mail could also be used. The moment you log in with it, it gets connected.

Why your Google Chrome is not opening your facebook account?

It is not the fault of Chrome to block or not open websites. Facebook account could not open may be because of site issues.

Does Obama have an Facebook account?

Yes - though it could be fake, there is a "person" named Barack Obama with his picture on facebook

Can your facebook account disappear after not being on for a month?

No but the Facebook teams will send you an email saying that you haven't went on Facebook for a while & they are kind of convincing you to go on because you might have a message from a friend or something. you could deactivate a Facebook account whenever you want to

Does Jake T Austin have Facebook?

He does have a facebook account but he only adds people he knows. I know someone who knows him personally.... I would post the link so you could send him a request ( even though he won't answer it) but I was told to not... Sorry

How do you get an avatar on wikianswers if you don't have a facebook account?

The only way to do this is to link a Facebook account to your profile. Before you could link it to other social networks such as Google, Twitter, etc.