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the smell. k2 will not smell like weed it'll smell kinda fruity. or at least it does to me

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Q: How can you tell the difference between marijuana and k2?
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Is their a difference between nola diamond and k2?

K2 has more chemicals in it

What is the difference between k2 and marijuana?

K2 or "spice" is a synthetic cannabinoid (a JWH, or J.W.Huffman synthesized drug) which binds the cannabinoid receptor up to ten times more powerfully than marijuana (cannabis). It is not "safer" than marijuana. In fact, it can be more dangerous, given the lack of information, to date, on user's health. Many users report intense headaches, for instance.

What is the difference between vitamin k1 and k2?

K1 is fat soluble and K2 is water soluble.

Will K2 replace marijuana?

I have never used marijuana , bit it would be nice if k2 could put drug cartels out of business .

What are the herbs used in k2?

Marijuana and Oregano

Is there such a thing as syntheic marijuana?

yes. k2, spice and anything of that nature is considered synthetic marijuana.

Is there a substance that fools your body into thinking you are smoking marijuana?


Does k2 smell like marijuana?

Yes the newer blends do.

What is in k2 incense?

K2 incense is a proprietary blend of herbs sprayed with a chemical intended to mimic the effects of marijuana. There is currently a federal ban on such synthetic marijuana products, and the states are following suit with individual bans.

Does monster energy drink give a false positive k2 synthetic marijuana?

can i get a false positive test for k2 from drinkin monster energy drinks

What famuos people died of marijuana?

..It is impossible to die from marijuana. But if you mean spice, k2, cloud nine, and things like that you can die from them.

Will your bad k2 experience effect your normal uses of medical marijuana?

no it will not so smoke on