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As a girl i should say DON'T LOOK AT HER BUTT! but that's the only way you'll know. :)

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Q: How can you tell if a girl has a nice butt?
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What does it mean if a girl has a nice butt?

nothing really. she just has a nice butt that's it =]

Does bill kaulitz want a girl with a nice butt or chest?

He prefers a girl with a larger butt than larger breast

How can a girl be hot?

If she has a nice face, nice boobs, and a nice butt. But that's my way of thinking of it. People are different. You get a girl that YOU think that is hot.

Is it bad to tell a girl she has a nice butt?

At least you had the common sense to ask this question. Yes, it's crass to tell her that. Tell her she has a nice figure instead of a nice butt. It's all in the way you put the words together boyo so pay attention. WHEN IN DOUBT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! YES YES YES YES YES, DONT! IT'S JERK-Y say nice Tit's Instead.

What kinds of girl does Patrick breeding wants?

NO HOMO) he said nice butt (big butt) a girly girl but at the same time can hang with the boyz

How do you tell a girl she has nice legs?

"You have nice legs."

How do you tell a girl that you like here?

you can tell if a girl likes you if she is realy nice to you

How do you tell a baby bunny is a boy or a girl?

You can tell whether or not your rabbit is a boy/girl by looking under its butt.

How do you tell if grasshoppers are a boy or girl?

you can tell if its a girl or a boy byits butt or eyes. if its a girl, it will have small pupils. if itsa boy, it will have large pupils.

How can a boy tell if a girl loves a boy?

i'm a girl so you can trust me if a girl likes you she will be meen or rily nice if she is meen jast be nice if she is rily nice try to show or tell her that you like her . :-) GO HOME UGLY

Are men and women different in how they view relationships and sexuality?

I believe that men and women are different because a man sees oh that girl has a nice butt and a girl sees that you have a nice personality or sometimes that you're nice enough for her.

What should you do for a girl?

Be nice to the girls...don't be mean to them,tell her you love her alot if you have a crush on her,tell her nice stuff,do anything she tells you to do