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if you have a facebook message then it is already on facebook

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2012-03-22 18:19:49
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Q: How can you move a Facebook message onto Facebook?
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How do you answer a Facebook message?

To answer/reply to a Facebook message all you need to do is go onto the message you want to reply to. Under what you have been sent there is a blank bar so type in your message then on the right click reply.

How do you move photos from Photoshop to Facebook?

I would assume that you would have to right click on the picture from photoshop and click save as and save it onto your computer and then uploade them onto facebook.

Where do you type a message for someone on facebook?

If you're on about 'typing a message' to someone through thte Facebook chat then you can simply start typing your message underneath the actually chat box, However if you mean you want to send another Facebook user an inbox then the simplist way is to go onto their profile and below their name there will be a link saying 'send ... a message' .. Click it! Then a box will apear with field to place a message and subject :). Hope this helps.

Can you forward messages on Facebook?

yeah!! just go to the message place where you send message. Copy and paste the forward message to the message on facebook.

How do you save a draft message on Facebook?

You cannot currently save a draft of a message on Facebook. You should just write the message in Microsoft word and then copy and paste the message into Facebook when you are ready to send it.

How do you upload a photo to Facebook via text?

you send the message as a picture message to the facebook number.

What does it say when you send a message on Facebook?

it says confirm facebook account to enable the message service.

Sending message on Facebook do you have to identify yourself?

When you send a message on Facebook, you automatically get identified to the receiver.

How do you confirm your Facebook account if you have deleated the message?

go onto your account settings and it says verify your email and you click that. and u get a email through

How can you read unread Message on Facebook?

click on the message

How do you have a background in Facebook?

To get a facebook background you have to go onto different pages like pagerage to download one to transfer onto your facebook

How do you recover a deleted Facebook chat message?

Unfortunately, when you delete a Facebook message, there is no undoing.

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