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to burn more calories

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Q: How can you make your metabolism be fast again?
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What is a fast metabolism?

A fast metabolism is the fast digestion of the food you ate .

Does lithium slow down your metabolism?

YES it can effect your thyroid, and make your once fast metabolism slooow.

What kind of metabolism do birds have?

a fast metabolism

How do you gain weight fast with a fast metabolism?

If you have a fast metabolism, you can gain weight by frequently working out, and combining it with protein supplements.

What is a sentence using metabolism?

my metabolism works very fast.

What does a fast metabolism mean?

It means that your body digest food very quickly. Example, you eat a really big dinner then two hours later you feel hungry again that means you have a fast metabolism. It also means that you can eat lots and lost of food without putting on any weight whatsoever, I know this because I have a fast metabolism

Do stoners have a fast metabolism?

Well, that al ldepends if you get munchies when u smoke.. cause if you do, you tend to eat alot more, and if you still then dont gain weight ,you have a fast metabolisim. then again a drastic use of smoking can make make yoiu loose weight due to other factors..

Do you put on weight if you have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism?

You are more inclined to put on weight if you have a slow metabolism.

How do you build muscle with a fast metabolism?


What is the difference between a fast and a slow metabolism?

With a fast metabolism you burn fat faster and with a slow metabolism you burn fat slower. It's good to have a fast one because you don't have to watch what you eat as much.

What is the meaning of 'fast metabolism'?

"Fast metabolism" means your body is able to burn fat and nutrients faster than other people do. Hence, it is easier for a person with fast metabolism to lose weight than the average person.

Who will get ripped quickly someone with a fast metabolism or a fat person?

Fast metabolism. Cause they don't have to worry about gaining fat when they are working out.

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