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Tell him how much he means to you, guys like to know that you care about them. Ask them why they aren't happy and if it has anything to do with you so you can fix the problem.

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Q: How can you keep your boyfriend happy?
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Top ten ways to keep your boyfriend happy?

The best ways to keep your boyfriend happy include cooking him his favorite meal, understand his likes, be flirty, celebrate his birthday with him, remind him that he is handsome, and always listen to him.

What if your best boyfriend talks to another girl in front of you How would you feel?

You made the question kind of confusing. If he was my best friend I'd be happy if he was happy. But if he was my boyfriend I'd be a little shocked and nervous. I'd keep an eye on them

How can I help my boyfriend cope with his mother's death?

Just let him know that you are there for him and that he has someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on.

How do you continue to keep your boyfriend happy of two years happy? 2 yr ann. is is one week...and i have no idea how i do it...i think we are just made for each if yall r meant to be he will stay happy

Who need a boyfriend?

People who are looking for a boyfriend might need a boyfriend, but you can be happy when you are single too.

Not happy with boyfriend?

if you are not give it a chance

Why do boyfriend buy girlfriend stuff?

we do it to stay on their good sides and keep them happy(: we enjoy spending money on our girls. money is no object when it comes to yall.

What is girls make happy?

girl can happy,if they boyfriend give something,that the girl never have it before. that their boyfriend do something special, no need to be romantic

Who was Joanies boyfriend in happy days?


Is it ok to keep picture of your ex-boyfriend?

Sure. Even though you're not together, you probably have some happy memories. It will help you remember the good times.

Wife happy after seeing ex boyfriend?

husband happy after seeing ex girlfriend

What can you do to make your boyfriend really happy?

Be nice and happy around him. Don't be moody and demanding.