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GO TO THE POLICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How can you find a serial number for a gun registered in your name that was sold?
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What is the serial for hamsterball and customer name?

It depends on what you have, and what you have it registered under. Every serial number is different.

Where can you get a list of serial numbers for firearms registered in your name?

AnswerThis question is a bit confusing. If they are registered in YOUR name, YOU must have registered them, you should know what agency you registered them with, and they should be in YOUR gun safe.

I live in Colorado and a gun registered in my name has been stolen What do you do not knowing serial number?

Go to the police.

How do you research a bike serial number?

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Tractor serial number stamped on instrument panel name plate, Engine serial number stamped on side of engine.

Find out how old a shot gun is?

Post the maker's name and serial number.

How do you find when a colt revolver was made?

By it's model name & serial number.

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If the answer was from a registered user, then their name will appear at the bottom of the answer box. If the answer is not from a registered user then it will be an ID number or IP address.

How do you get a list of the serial numbers to the guns that are registered in your name?

Commit a gun related felony...