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you can describe yourself as your true self and not some poser

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Q: How can you describe yourself out on a date with a guy?
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Indian girl for a date?

sure, y not.... can you describe yourself?

Should you date a guy that is on pot?

A decision you will have to make for yourself.

How do you get a guy to like you and date you?

Be yourself and try to talk to him. Youll see if you really want to date him then.

Would a guy date a girl with no breast?

Yes. Absolutely. Breasts are not who you are. Be confident in yourself and you can date whomever you want to date.

What do you do on a date with a guy you like?

you dont act up be yourself and ask for a kiss but take it slowly

Sample of Describe yourself and your perfect match?

Here is an example" I am a white blond, black eyes, 5'7, HOT! My perfect match is a guy with black hair, blue eyes, and HOT!

Would you girls date a ginger guy?

No. Some say yes. Ask one, and find out for yourself.

How to date a guy who has a child?

Answer You date a guy who has a child the way you'd date anyone else, but in this case you have to have consideration not only for yourself, but for the child too. This is a biggy and unless you are mentally prepared you might be in for a shock especially if you fall in love with this guy. Do be careful and know what you want before you go out on that first date and good luck to you.

How do you answer 'Describe yourself' in a date?

Discuss some of your likes, such as hobbies and interests and any goals you have in your professional and personal life.

Would a guy two years older than you date you?

Yes, age is not usually a concern, well it is depending upon how young you are because your parents may not agree. But yes a guy two years older would date you, a guy 5 years older would date you it's weather or not you present yourself to the guy in the right way, you need to be yourself and not let things get contradicted cause then things get messy and you'll get hurt, just be honest with yourself and with the people involved, honesty is the key.

Is it OK if you date a guy that cheated on you?

That's really something only you yourself can answer, if you wanna still be with him knowing that he cheated on you, and he might do it again, then stay with him, if you wanna move on and find another guy, then go ahead, do what you feel is best for yourself.

When was Please Describe Yourself created?

Please Describe Yourself was created in 2002.