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Some say yes.

Ask one, and find out for yourself.

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Q: Would you girls date a ginger guy?
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Would a girl date a handicapped guy?

=I am a girl, so speaking for most girls I say "yes" a girl would date a handicapped guy! Definetly!! ~Courtney=

Would Cameron Boyce date a guy?

Um I don't think he would. I'm pretty positive that he would date girls and not guys.

Who is guy ginger?

Guy Ginger is obviously... GUY GINGER XD

College girls what is the max age you would date a guy?

i think 28...i'm 20

Girls would you rather date a bi guy or a straight guy?

That depends on individual point of view. Jump into what makes you comfortable if your bi you're bi. Some girls like it some girls don't. EXPERIMENTATION IS THE KEY.

Would Princeton date a girl from Africa?

if pricenceton thinks a guy that would not date a girl is moron then he most defenetely does not discriminate agains girls nd im prety sure that there are girls that princeton would date in africa they are beautiful. smart nd most can dance lol im one of em .nd if princeton is an honest guy wen it comes to girls then he sure as heaven can go out with a african girl

Girls would you date a guy that's kissed another guy and liked it?

It depends if the guy is emo than its OK but if he wants to do it all the time than it's a problem

Will justin bieber date a girl who is fatter than him?

no he would date a guy fatter than him becuse he is gay and uses girls as a cover up lol

Why would a guy tell you his list of girls who rejected him?

Because he wanted you to feel sorry for him and make you want to date him even more.

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Well, i would have to go with Erika.B, Holly.G and Amy.B. They are truly beautiful on the inside and out. Any guy would be very lucky to date one of these girls.

What type of girls guy would want to date?

Some guys like tough and goth girlsSome like smart and sensitive girlfor me i like a girls that is smart that can sing that is sensitive and a girls that are cute

Would girls date you if you are a 22 year old guy who watches cartoons daily?

there are many women out there that like to watch cartoons too :)