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Yes you can delete it and it is gone the moment you hit delete.

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Q: How can you delete an app that is installed and how long does it take to delete the app?
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Can you delete the photo app on ipod touch?

you cant delete any of the factory installed apps

How do you delete an app on itouch that will not load?

Sadly, once you start downloading an app on your iPod, you have to wait until it has completely downloaded and installed itself before you can delete it.

How do you get back the app store if you accidentally deleted it on the iPod touch?

You can't delete the App Store. It's pre-installed. If you delete an app that you downloaded, go through a full sync to get it back if auto-syncing for apps is on.

How do you remove a app on the iPod Touch when it's still installing?

You can't. You will have to wait until it is installed on your device then you can delete it.

How do you delete your messaging app on an android?

You cannot delete the factory installed text messaging app that comes with your phone. You can however, download an alternate free messaging app from the Google Play Store. Then you can set it as the default application to launch when you receive new text messages.

Why doesn't a application on my iPhone delete?

if is one of the factory installed apps like maps and stocks app they cant be deleted

Will you be charged even if you delete your app?

You will only be charged for an app if you have to pay for the app. You do not get a refund if you delete your app.

How do you unistall Skype on my iPhone?

All you have to do is place your finger on the icon for Skype, hold it for a few seconds and you will see all the apps will start to 'wabble' (shake on the screen). You will then see an x at the top corner of the Skype app, just tap the x and it will delete the Skype app from your device. This method is used for any other app you want to delete. Also you will need to insure that you delete the app from the installed apps list on iTunes as iTunes will reinstall it if you do not remove it from the installed apps list.

How to delete an app from an i pod touch 4 how do you get rid of them on the history?

If you tap the icon and hold it long enough, the icons will start to shake. When this happens, ones that you can delete will have an 'x' at the top left corner of them. Tap the x and then hit delete to delete the app

How do you delete an app that won't load?

you hold the app and a delete buton will pop up

Is it possible to delete an app on your ipod touch as it is downloading?

You cannot delete an app as it is downloading. You have to wait for it to finish downloading, and then you can delete it.

How do you delete your account from an app?

The easiest way to delete an account from an app is to completely delete the app and then download it again if you would like to make a new account. This will also delete any lingering files or file extensions associated with the app.