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Well there are many ways to accidently kiss someone. If you were walking fast down a hall a didn't see them and run into them your lips might touch there lips. You could be looking int your locker or cubbie aturn around or shut the door and walk into them and your lips touch. If you fall on top of them your lips might touch. Even if you go to the fair and you get on the ferris wheel and you have to sit with someone else and you stop and you slide or go forward your lips might touch. If you sit on a bench with someone someone else might slide you over into the other person and your lips might touch. There are also many many more ways for you to accidently kiss someone. I just named a few ways you might accidently kiss someone.

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Q: How can you accidentally kiss someone?
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Will Naruto ever kiss someone?

In the first season he accidentally kissed Sasuke.True Story.

How do you kiss a boy with buck teeth?

You don't... The teeth get in the way... If your going to kiss someone with buck teeth my recommendation is to not french kiss he might accidentally bite down on you tongue...

Did anyone kiss Sasuke?

No but when they were small naruto accidentally kissed sasuke someone pushed naruto from behind.

How do you kiss someone accidentally?

Basically kiss them like you mean it. It doesn't really matter. It feels wrong at first but the more you kiss the better you get at it.

Where can you find a naruto episode where he kisses someone?

The only time I've seen Naruto kiss someone was when he accidentally kissed Sasuke, which was in episode four, I think.

Did Taylor lautner accidentally kiss Miranda Cosgrove?


What kind of a kiss is a passionate kiss?

A passionate kiss is different from a regular kiss. A passionate kiss is when you are kissing someone you love, and you kiss someone with the passion that you feel for someone.

What would you do if you said I love you but accidentally said the wrong name to your boyfriend?

crawl into a hole. Kiss his butt for the next year. Figure out why you said someone else's name to begin with. Are you maybe in love with someone else.

What episode of ouran high does mori kiss a girl?

I think only accidentally. At first, they kiss accidentally, but later they end up dating and they kiss at least two more times.

What episode does ichigo accidentally kiss kisshu?

Episode #3 of the first season.

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You asked this question so it's obviously intentional...

What does it mean when we accident tell what we did with someone?

When you accidentally tell someone something is that you accidentally reveal a secret which you were not supposed to reveal.