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well..... unicorns are TOTALLY epic! and if you put them on a cob........ you are gonna get owned! they got epic skillz and junk! thatz just me though

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Q: How can unicorn on the cob win on stick rpg2?
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How do you get easy money fast on stick rpg 2?

1.go to the casino by the bank, play unicorn races. 2.choose unicorn on the cob (note the 5000 odds) 3.make sure it's on WIN. 4.set bet to $5000

What are the release dates for Team Unicorn - 2010 For the Win 1-6?

Team Unicorn - 2010 For the Win 1-6 was released on: USA: 4 March 2013

What is the Unicorn pet code for wizard 101?

there is no code you play kings isle free games and win a fog unicorn

Who would win in a fight between a taco and a unicorn?

Unicorn easy. It would just walk over and eat the taco.

Who would win a baby Narwhal or an adult Unicorn?

The baby narwhal would win... who wouldn't think that? :)

Cheats for stick RPG?

1. go to casino and play unicorn races. 2. choose unicorn on the cob (note the 5000 odds). 3. make sure it's on WIN. 4. bet $5000 (or how much you have). 5. race and win $25000000000. all thanks to ambes20. or login:mummy1122 password:mami

Who would win the ninja or the unicorn?

I think the ninja would win. The ninja would 1st break of the unicorns horn and break its legs so it could not hurt the ninja. The ninja would then think of a slow and painful way to kill the unicorn. THE END

How do you get a unicorn without breeding or buying on howrse?

You can't get a unicorn when you first sign up on to howrse. You have to buy unicorns at acutions or direct sales.

Who wold win in a fight between unicorn or the fallen?

none peanut butter would win

How do you get a stick cricket t2 trophy?

win the stick t2 tournament, as strange as that may seem

How do you win on stick cricket?

Jah Shaka sound system

How do you win a uni item Howrse?

Unicorn Horns can not be bought on the Black Market. Unicorns can only be bred and bought in the private sales or auctions.