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One can find out how far along they are in their pregnancy by consulting their doctor. A doctor can determine when the baby was conceived, and therefore how long it has been alive.

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2013-08-13 00:07:01
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Q: How can one find out how far along they are in their pregnancy?
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How far along are you in your pregnancy?

One thing i dont get is why you are asking this?

How can one tell how far along they are in pregnancy?

One can tell how far along they are in pregnancy by having an ultrasound. An ultrasound measures the fetus and then compare that measurement to what an average fetus is. If it matches to a 3 week fetus it means that one is 3 weeks into pregnancy.

How far along do you have to be before it shows positive on pregnancy test?

one month

How far along do you have to be before you have pregnancy cramping?

I got pregnancy cramping in my second week but every one is different.

If you are pregnant and your blood work says you are further along than your ultrasound which one is more accurate?

Blood work cannot tell you how far along you are as the levels vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy, go with the ultrasound.

You just took your pregnancy test and there was one straight line are you pregnant?

One line on a pregnancy test is negative but that doesn't mean you are definitely not pregnant as the test could of missed it or you might not be far enough along

How far along do you have to be for a pregnancy test to work?

A pregnancy test is effective from as soon as two weeks after you last had sex. Check the packet on the pregnancy test to make sure the one you use is effective that soon into pregnancy, or you can see your doctor for more accurate testing.

How far along after conception should you take a pregnancy test?

Since we seldom are aware when precisely conception occurs, most doctors agree a pregnancy test should be done when your period is one week late.

Where can I find a week by week pregnancy calendar?

One can find a week by week pregnancy calender from many places. Some of the best sites where one can easily find pregnancy calender are kids health,3d pregnancy and many more.

How can you know how far along from pregnancy your guinea pig is?

unfortunately you cant. i have two pregnant sows and i thought one was going to give birth in days but it was the other one who was going to give birth in days

Where can one find a pregnancy weight gain chart?

One can find a pregnancy weight gain chart by visiting the BabyMed website. Other places that one can find a pregnancy weight gain chart are WebMD and Baby Corner.

Here can one find helpful pregnancy videos?

One can find many videos which may be helpful with a pregnancy. Baby Center offers many videos from different stages of pregnancy that one can find very useful to reference.

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