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Bromine water can test the difference between alkanes and alkenes because the bromine water turns colourless for the alkenes but doesnt change for the alkanes.

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Q: How can bromine water test the difference between alkanes and alkenes?
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Why alkanes do not react with bromine water?

No, bromine will only add to alkenes, so NO addition reaction to alkanes. Subtitution on alkanes is not possible at standard conditions

What is alkanes and alkenes?

The difference between an alkane and an alkene is that: Alkanes have only single bonds between carbon atoms and are said to be saturated: when put in bromine water, the bromine water stays orange - formula: CnH2n+2; Alkenes: have one or more double bond(s) between carbon atoms and are unsaturated: when put in bromine water, the bromine water turns clear - formula: CnH2n.

What happens when 1 drop of bromine is added to vegetable oil?

they separate as they are alkenes and alkanes

What are the Chemical equations to distinguish between alkane and alkene?

Alkenes have a double bond between the carbon atoms (C=C) whereas alkanes have a single bond (C-C). so alkenes are unsaturated compounds, add aqueous solution of Bromine or KMnO4 to both the compounds the decolourization of these reagents confirms the presence of alkenes.

What decolorises bromine in the absence of sunlight?

Organic compounds called Alkenes turns Bromine to colourless from orange-ish without sunlight as a catalyst. Alkanes however require sunlight to react.

How bromine water can be used to test for an alkene?

Alkenes, or hydrocarbons with at least one double bond undergo an addition reaction when combined with bromine (Br2). The general reaction is H2C=CH2 --> H2BrC--CBrH2, and it occurs readily. This reaction is a good way to identify alkenes because bromine has a reddish color, while alkanes and alkenes are colorless. So if bromine is added to an unknown hydrocarbon, the disappearance of the color is an indication of the presence of a pi bond.

Why does the bromine dissolved in carbon tetrachloride is not used to differentiate between alkenes and alyles?

CCL4 is a carrier for Bromine reaction.

What is the observation between bromine and propene?

Bromine water is a dilute solution of bromine that is normally orange-brown in colour, but becomes colourless when shaken with an alkene. Alkenes can decolourise bromine water, while alkanes cannot.

What is the classification test of hydrocarbons?

The classification test for hydrocarbons typically involves using chemical tests to determine the type of functional groups present, such as alkanes, alkenes, or alkynes. Tests like bromine water test, acidified KMnO4 test, and silver nitrate test can help differentiate between different classes of hydrocarbons based on their reactivity with specific reagents. Additionally, spectroscopic techniques like infrared (IR) spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can also be used for more precise identification.

What functional groups does bromine in chloroform test for?


What compound decolourizes bromine water?

Unsaturated hydrocarbons such as alkenes and alkynes will decolourize bromine water.

Do Alkene decolourise bromine water?

Benzene will not decolourise bromine water as it does not undergo addition reaction. It is highly saturated due to presence electron cloud above and below it.