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Many people die in traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers.

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Q: How can alcohol kill the people that do not drink it?
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Alcohol a toxic poison that can kill?

yea alcohol can kill you if you drink to much and of yes toxic poison can kill you and with alcohol can get you bad and get you to hit people and toxic poison you just die like BOOM like you drink it u die in one second

Can alcohol kill you on the spot?

Alcohol can kill you on the spot if you drink a huge amount of alcohol, drink grain alcohol in large amounts, or are allergic to alcohol. Allergies to alcohol can cause throat swelling and an inability to breathe.

Can rubbing alcohol kill strep?

For gawds sake, don't drink this !!! It will kill YOU!!Consult a doctor. Rubbing alcohol is for external use only. Do not drink it!!

Why do the people drink alcohol?

People drink alcohol for so many reasons. One common reason is to escape from the reality. Some drink as medicine thinking that alcohol will help circulate blood to each corner of the body. Some drink to socialize themselves as they can talk without much inhibition. Some consider alcohol as a part of the meals. Remaining others drink to kill themselves.

What makes people want to drink?

They are just stupid people so they think that trying alcohol is cool. Wow are they wrong. Never try alcohol. It could kill you!!

Can 33 percent alcohol kill you?

If you drink too much of it, yes. You can get alcohol poisoning from any percentage alcohol if you drink too much of it.

Will Denatured alcohol set off a breathalyzer?

Denatured alcohol will KILL you. It says on the bottle DO NOT DRINK.

Will you kill your self if you drink to much alcohol?

yes many people have died from alcohol overdoses. For example Bon Scott (the lead singer for acdc) died from an overdose of alcohol at only 33.

Each drink of alcohol kills how many brain cells?

Alcohol does not kill brain cells. That's an old temperance myth to scare people into not drinking any alcohol, even in moderation.

Why do famous people who do drink alcohol?

Most high status people drink alcohol, as do those who are more educated.

Can alcoholism kill you?

Alcohol can kill you. Alcohol is actually a poison. If you drink too much, it can overload your liver. The liver processes the alcohol and expels it through the body. Another way it can kill you is if your passed out, and laying on your back, you can vomit and that can choke/suffocate you.Yes, from alcohol poisoning. Too much of a good thing, eh? XD

Can amish drink alcohol?

No, members of the Amish church can't drink alcohol. However, teenagers and people who have not yet joined the church can drink alcohol.