How can a gay person get AIDS?

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A gay person can get AIDS in exactly the same way that a straight person can get AIDS: by contracting the HIV virus, usually through sex with an infected person or by using infected needles.

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Q: How can a gay person get AIDS?
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Related questions

Will gay get AIDS?

Everyone can get AIDS, mostly by having unprotected sex with an infected person.

Can gay men get aids faster than not gay people?

Gay people are said to get AIDS faster than straight people because they are thought to change sexual partners more often; so a gay person can get aids as easily as a straight person if they change sexual partners with same frequency.

If your gay do you automatically get aids?

No, you don't get AIDS because you are gay.. You only get AIDS, by having unsafe sex, and anyone straight or gay can have unsafe sex and get AIDS.

Can gay men get aids?

Gay men can get aids from the HIV virus.

Do all gay men have aids?

No. Only a minority of gay men have AIDS.

Is it a fact that all gay people have aids?

No, all gay people do not have AIDS.

Can you get AIDS from smoking weed with a gay guy?

No, being gay doesn't mean the person has aids. and if he did, the only way you could get it was if you both had cuts, and his blood got in one of your cuts. or you could have sex with him.

How is it easier to get aids from being gay?

You cannot get AIDS from being gay. In fact, the vast majority of AIDS cases are in heterosexuals.

What are the possibilities to cause aids disease in gay people?

The possibility of spreading AIDS is no different for gay people than it is for straight people. If the infected bodily fluids of one person get inside another person's body, the virus can be transmitted. The two main ways of spreading the HIV virus that causes AIDS are:unprotected sex (straight or gay)sharing of syringes

Could a14 year gay child get aids?

There is a possibility for gay 14 year old children to contract HIV/AIDS, ONLY if he/she has been engaging in sexual activities with another person with HIV/AIDS. There is also an equal likelihood for a straight person to contract AIDS - it is not your sexuality that determines whether you are prone to diseases or not!

How gay is aids?


Did gay people suffer from AIDS?

Yes. The gay community has the highest rate of AIDS in the western world.

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