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No. Worldwide, MANY more heterosexuals have HIV and AIDS than gay people.

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2017-11-08 00:57:13
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Q: Do more gay people have AIDS than heterosexuals do?
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What group has more AIDS heterosexual or gay?

More Heterosexuals have AIDS than gay people do.

Are young gay men affected by HIV and AIDS?

No.HIV it is more spread-ed to heterosexuals than homosexuals

Can Straight people get aids faster than Gay men?

No, however more straight people have AIDS and HIV than Gay people do.

What affects more people AIDS breast cancer or diabetes?

AIDS more people die from it than brest cancer or diabetes

Are gay people aroused by their own bodies?

No, not normally. If they are arroused by their own bodies, they are narcissistic (but straight people can also be narcissists). Gays are no more likely than heterosexuals to be narcissistic. They want a partner to make love with just as heterosexuals do.

Why do gay men get HIV or AIDS a lot?

Straight people get AIDS and HIV much more often than gay people.

Why do more people die of AIDS in Africa than UK?


How prevalent is AIDS in the U.S.?

In the United States, more than 733,000 people have AIDS, and an estimated one to two million people have HIV infection without the symptoms of AIDS.

Is it true gay people cause aids?

No, it is not true. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. More straight people have HIV than gay people.

Can a person get Aids when a guy goes intercousre for more than 5 people?

It depends, if that guy were to have intercourse for more than 5 people without protection he is likely to have AIDS. However, if he used protection its unlikely, but be careful he might have or not had intercourse with a person that has AIDS but he might have not know of.

Why do more gay people get aids?

Today many more straight people than gays have HIV/AIDS. In the early days of AIDS, the disease spread faster among gay people, which is why it became known as a gay disease, but today that is no longer the case.

What kills more people than Cancer heart disease pneumonia AIDS or cirrhosis?


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