How big is a 45 caliber?

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In metric measurements, the .45 ACP is referred to as 11.43x23mm.

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Q: How big is a 45 caliber?
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.45 caliber killed notorious big?

No. He was shot by a 9mm.

Can a 45 caliber be fired in a 410 shotgun?

A 410 shotgun is basically a 41 caliber smoothbore. A 45 caliber round may fit in the chamber, but the bullet is too big. Don't do it.

What is larger 38 caliber or a 45 caliber?


What caliber is a M1911?

.45 caliber

What caliber is a Thompson machine gun?

a .45 caliber.

Is Ak-47 caliber bigger than a 45 caliber?

No. The AK-47 fires the 7.62x39mm round, which is of the .30 caliber, smaller than the .45 caliber.

What is the use of grip safety on 45 caliber?

What is the use of grip safety on 45 caliber pistol?

What is a bigger bullet 45 caliber or 357?

The .45 caliber is bigger in diameter. If you mean weight. The .45 caliber is generally heavier. However there are some lightweight .45 caliber bullets that are lighter than .357 caliber bullets. Generally speaking .45 caliber bullets weigh between 180 - 230 grains. While .357 caliber bullets generally weigh between 158 - 180 grains. If you are talking about diameter, the .357 caliber bullets are approximately 0.357 inches in diameter. The .45 caliber is approximately 0.450 inches in diameter. Again, using this measure, the .45 caliber is the larger bullet.

Is an m16 a 45 caliber weapon?

Noop. an M16 fires a 5.56mm (or .223 caliber) bullet. A .45 caliber shoots a bullet that is ~11.43mm.

Is a 22 caliber bullet be fired from 45 caliber?


Which is wore powerful a 45 caliber or a 44 caliber?

Depends on which 45 and which 44 chambering you are talking about the load

Is a 45 a handgun?

Probably. It would likely refer to a handgun that fires a .45 caliber ACP, or .45 GAP or an older .45 caliber revolver round.

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