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Not to bad just like a really sharp pinch depends on everyone tho my right side was nothing my left my eyes water but it's over before u know it

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It hurts a lot.

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Q: How bad does getting your lip pierced hurt?
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How bad does snake bite piercings hurt?

They feel like getting your ear pierced on your lip.

Does getting your lip pierced hurt?

All piercings hurt it's mind over matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter. Seriously it is not that bad.

How bad is the pain of getting your lip pierced?

A Slight sting!

Is getting your lip pierced a bad idea?

That is a matter of opinion.

After getting your lip pierced does it hurt for a few days like after getting your upper ear done?

well i used to have my upper ear and that hurt bad. but i just got my lip and it really didnt hurt all just in the mornings. but it really is normal for it to hurt a few days later.

Does it hurt getting your lip pierced?

not really,its just a slight pinch.but it depends how you react to the pain.

Does getting your lower lip pierced hurt?

It feels like a slight pinch but mainly warmth it doesnt hurt much jus like a pinch and pressure in the lip

Does getting your upper lip on the right pierced hurt?

Any piercing is going to hurt. How badly it hurts varies from person to person.

Does getting your lip peiresed hurt?

nope, not at alll. ive had mine pierced 3 times now.

Im getting my lip pierced on Saturday I've had my nose pierced and on a scale of 1 to 10 that hurt about 8.5 Soo i wanted to know how much does a lip piercing hurt?

Going by the nose pierce, on a scale of 1 to 10 the lips will also hurt you to about 8.5.

Does it hurt when they have to re-pierce your lip?

I have personally done this before, i got my right lip piercing re-pierced in the exact same spot and no it doesn't hurt, it feels the same as getting your first lip piercing.

Does your lip come up when you pierced your lip?

Different people's bodies react differently, but yes, your lip can swell after getting it pierced.