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Not everyone has the same sensitive spots but you could try light touches to the back of the head, the ear, the side of the neck, the cheek. Run your finger nails down the center of his chest. One of my favorites, which you can do right in front of other people and they won't even know what is going on, is a light stroke down the back of the upper arm with your fingernails, on the tricep muscle - only you and the person being touched will realize that it felt good in a sensual way...give him a smile when you do it so he knows you meant it.

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When kissing a guy, you can gently place your hands on his face, neck, shoulders, or waist to show affection and enhance the connection. Experiment with what feels natural and pleasurable for both of you. Remember that communication and consent are key to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for both partners.

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depending on how close and how long you've been together. if you've been together for a while and feel comfortable with each other you can try touching near his crotch if comfortable. If not and haven't been together that long just simply putting your hand on the back of his head or on his shoulder.

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Some usually put their arms around their neck or leave them down to your sides.

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Say something about his hair (wow your fringe is int the way, wow its curly today...whatever), and touch his hair.

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Q: How and where do you touch a guy when you kiss?
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when no one is around

What is the definiation of kiss?

Kiss- to touch with your lips as a touch of greeting or affection.

How you kiss a guy?

You kiss a guy that you love by trying to show him you love him with the kiss.

Is it ok to kiss your best guy friend?

There's nothing wrong with kissing a friend on the forehead, light touch of the lips.

How To Get A Guy Horny?

Lean against him, gently kiss the side of his neck, touch him gently anywhere, put his hand on your breast.

How do you know when a guy wants you to kiss them?

When the guy wants to kiss you.

What does a girl do with her hands if she wants a guy to touch her?

She will rub your back and hold your hand that means she wants a kiss and put your arm around her

What is the definition of kiss?

A kiss is when lips touch someone as a sign of love, reverence, sexual desire, or greeting. A kiss when you touch something with your lips. A kiss also means to touch something gently or lightly.

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Could you mean "Your touch, your kiss"?...which is Tracy Chapman, "The Promise".

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What does it mean when a guy friend massages you at random moments sweetly and everywhere?

Your guy friend may be showing affection or care for you by giving you massages. It could be a way for him to connect with you physically or to show that he values you as a friend. Remember to communicate openly with your friend about your boundaries and comfort level to ensure a healthy and respectful relationship.

What do you do when when you're gay and reallyreally like a straight guy?

Just talk to him alone about yourself.And in between touch him and see the reaction.And then slowly told him that you like him very muchand you want to kiss him. If he agrees just kiss him