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Your guy friend may be showing affection or care for you by giving you massages. It could be a way for him to connect with you physically or to show that he values you as a friend. Remember to communicate openly with your friend about your boundaries and comfort level to ensure a healthy and respectful relationship.

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If a guy touch you randomly it may mean that he thinks you are hot

or he likes to touch on your body or he....

1.) if a guy touch your hair= he like how you look good with that hair style

2.) if a guy touch your hand=he trying to see if you will let go ..

3.) if a guy touch your face= he likes how you feel

4.) if a guy touch your boobies and butt=he thinks your a hoe

5.) if a guy touch your arms= he want to hold you

6.) if a guy touch your legs= he want to see how you would feel.

7.) if a guy touch your lips = he wants to kiss

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He is into you and wants you to be more than friends. He is hinting this by messaging you.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy friend massages you at random moments sweetly and everywhere?
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