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they know they're cute they just want more compliments. but just say what you like in him, hair eyes personality. ex: lucas is really cute because he has nice hair, and an amazing smile, and the way he sweet talks all the girls.

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Q: How Can you prove to a guy that he's cute?
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How do you tell a guy you think hes hot without saying hot?

tell him hes handsome, or cute...

What does it mean when a guy tells you you have a cute ol smile?

it means the thinks your pretty and cute, hes flirting with you.

what does it mean when a guy says hes ugly but in general hes actually cute?

The meaning of that beauty is the beauty of the soul

I know Justin Bieber ask me anything about him ill tell you?

hes cute hes cute hes cute hes cute hes cute hes cute1 that's all u need 2 know

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You give him a chance. but hes ugly and the other guy is so cute and i like the cute guy alot and the ugly one only as a friend

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Well Mike is 4 me hes so funny and cute but a lot of girls would say Frank and he is Very cute. Also Spank he has the bombest eyes. Nifty's so Fine but hes to old ha hes 19. CeeJay really isn't that cute 2 me but hes hella funny

How do you know if a guy is just using you to prove hes not gay?

The only way to know is for him to tell you.

Is it okay to have a crush on guy friend?

ya but only if he kinda likes you back and if hes cute and single

What does it mean when a guy talks to you less then when hes with other people?

it means that he likes u or that he finds u cute

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yes, very, lol Hes not just cute, hes SEXY!