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When he is intersted in u ,when he pays attention to your needs:-)

Also if he pokes, teases or tickles you, its supposed to mean he likes you.

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Q: HoW do you know a guy is attracted to you?
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How can you be sexually attracted to a guy?

If by "how" you mean how do you know if you are indeed sexually attracted to a if you find a guy attractive. If you're asking on how you can make yourself be sexually attracted to a guy, that should come naturally, and if it doesn't it's probably best if you don't bother with that guy anyways.

How come you cant get turned on by your boyfriend?

Dont know, your not sexually attracted to him?

How do you know if a guy might like you or is interested or attracted to you?

if he looks at you with a smile on his face...

How do you know if you are leading on a guy?

Simple, the guy gets more touchy-feely and more attracted to you very quickly.

What do you do if you are attracted to a guy you just met?

You could flirt with him until you know if he is single and interested in you.

Why will a 'nice' guy humiliate and treat the woman he is attracted to insensitively yet the women he is not attracted to are bril?

cause guys are stupid and don't know how to share there feelings only the right guy knows how to show them

Will a guy like you for who you are?

depends on the guy but for the most part men are at first attracted to your physicallity, but once they get to know you better, they eventually will enjoy your company.

How do you know if he is attracted to you?

If a guy will do any domesticated thing like shopping go for walks etc then chances are he is attracted to you or flirt with him give him strong signals and you will definitely get your answer

How do you tell if a guy is sexually attracted to you-?

You can tell if a guy is sexually attracted to you by how he treats you. If he is always trying to touch to you and get close, he may be sexually attracted to you.

There's a guy that i don't know if i like or not but i feel kinda attracted to him but some other guy who's crushing on you asked you out What should you do?

If the other guy asked you out and you are sure he likes you, go for it. in other words, find out if the guy you are attracted to likes you. just go up and ask him. if he doesnt, say yes to the other guy.

How do you get guys to be attracted to you?

Different guys have different types of girls with different personalities.It is important to know that it is wise for a guy to see what he will be getting.Thus you can not feel your somebody else and theguy can not feel offended and lied to.So be yourself and you will get the guy who is attracted to you for you.

How do you know if a guy likes short or tall woman?

if your tall and the man is really attracted to you you'll know. if he recoils at the sight of a short woman you'll know.