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It means that he may be sexually attracted to you

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Q: What does it mean when a guy squeezes your bum?
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What does it mean if a guy rubs your leg and then squeezes it?

He is being rude and "comming on " to you. It is a way to say he wants sex.

How do you know if a guy loves you by his hugs?

if he squeezes

How does poop produce?

a little plop of brown squelchy stuff squeezes out ur hairy bum hole

What does it mean when a guy calls you soccer babe during a soccer game?

In means he really wants to bum you.

What does it mean when a guy puts his hand on your knee and squeezes it a little n Also what does it mean if he runs his fingers thru your hair And if he holds your hand and intertwines your fingers?

It means he loves you.

What is Bumface?

a guy with a bum for a face.

What happens if a girl squeezes your bum in relationships?

Consider yourself lucky, my lad! She is physically attracted to you and might be interested in being a bit physical.

How does a guy fart?

they open their bum and push

What does in mean when you are giving a guy a side hug and he squeezes you really hard and pulls you closer to his side?

He loves you more than friends that he wants you beside him you can go for it if you want.

What does it mean when your boyfriend squeezes your hand?

That he needs you cares about you

What does bum bailey mean?

a bum bailey is a sheriff's deputy.

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