Good side effects of weed

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It could be said that all the side effects of weed are good. Examples: the happy feeling of using weed is good for patients with depression, and will not make them suicidal or feel down on themselves. Hungry would be good for cancer patients that have a hard time eating because nothing seems appetizing until the use marijuana. The side effect that makes you sleepy is helpful for the people with insomnia because it makes them want to sleep so they get a full nights sleep. Also there is a study out there that suggests that Marijuana does not make you lose brain cells, but stimulates brain cell growth. The statistic about Marijuana making you lose brain cells was proven false after they found out how that study was conducted. Another good thing about Marijuana is that its not addictive. I believe that is a good thing, but not so much a side effect, because people cant say that you are addicted to Marijuana. Its a choice not an obsession

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Q: Good side effects of weed
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What are the good effects of smoking weed?

there are no good effects.

What can you do about the side effects of smoking herbal weed?

Don't smoke it and there won't be any side effects

What are the side effects of eating hash?

Its pretty much the same effects as if you were to smoke some really good weed. Except for it lasts a bit longer.

Side effects of drinking and then smoking weed?

you will get messed up that's the side effect YOU WILL GET SOOOO MESSED UP

What are the side-effects of smashing of a xanax and mixing it with weed then smoking it?

Stupidity...among others...

Are side effects good thing with medications?

On the contrary, side effects are undesirable. A good effect is the intended effect, not a side effect. It is the unintended, bad effects that are considered to be side effects.

Does water help clear weed out of your system?

No , water will not clean weed out of your system. Weed is a terrible drug , and is one of the most dangerous drugs. Weed is a life waster! Weed will stay in your system for a long while and could cause many illness's and side effects. SIDE EFFECTS - vivid colour , breast growth in Males , head pounces and much more. DONT SMOKE WEED. DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE!!

Is it all about the weed?

Yes, it is all about the weed if you dont want bad side effects. crack is better of course GTFO crack head !

What are the side effects of eating Canadian pond weed?

The side effects of eating Canadian pond weed, which do not occur until approximately 48-72 hours after consumption, include diarrhea, discomfort, dizziness and sweating from the mix of chlorophyll with stomach acids.

What are the side effects of eating pond weed?

Death or sickness on the one hand and health on the other are side effects of eating pond weed. The consequence depends upon the health of the pond weed's ecosystem and the type of pond weed, of which some are edibles and others not. It is not a health-inducing action to eat pond weeds that are damaged by pollutants and toxins, diseased or distasteful.

What is side effects for synthetic marijuana?

a severe case of dumbassness , just buy real weed

What are the side effects from any legal incense?

you get high as no tomorrow and it taste better then any weed you will ever get