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Q: What is the difference between a woman and a catfish?

A:One is a bottom-feeding scum-sucker and the other is a fish.

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Here is a good one: What do you call a girl that talks a lot of stuff? Chicken stuff!

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Girls don't doo doo

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Q: Good jokes to tell girls
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What are some jokes to tell to girls?

Make me a sandwich.

What should you talk about around girls?

If you have a crush on them tell them how beautiful they are, tell them jokes, be cute.

What are some good tell jokes?

I'm an orange!

What are some good jokes to tell a girl?

Make me a sandwich.

How come none of the jokes in the jokes and riddles category are funny?

Perhaps because you don't have a sense of humor. Or because we are not allowed to tell the really good jokes.

What animals live near hyenas?

Animals that tell good jokes.

Can jokes impress girls?

If they're good, try telling them a funny story that happened.

What is the setting of the book dogs dont tell jokes?

The book does not tell you where the setting of Dogs Don't Tell Jokes is but if you want to use their school Floyd Hicks Junior High that might be a good setting.

Why girls cheat on good guys?

They cheat them before or the girls want to make fun of someone so they can make jokes of them afterwards.

Do girls like guys with random sense of humor?

some do, if the laugh at your jokes you have a good chance.

Do Mexicans tell jokes?

How can you tell if a boy is interested if he is always making jokes?

its depends on the type of jokes he tells you, like flirty jokes. If hes doing that a lot usually that are interested in you but don't ask cause some guys don't like girls asking that