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Good Halloween jokes hey if your lucky you will only find 1 that doesn't involve candy

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Q: Good Halloween jokes
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What are 4 good halloween jokes?

There are many of jokes about spiders. The most popular joke told about spiders is "what is a spiders favorite TV show", the answer to this joke is "the newly web show".

Where do you find good jokes?

you find good jokes at

What is a good Halloween website?

Spirit Halloween is pretty good.

Are there any good jokes about pi?

Jokes yes, good jokes no!. you are stupid and need a life. you are asking if there are good jokes about pi? wtf Your momma is so fat, when i said what's pi? she said wheres the pie? haha -_-

What are some good inside jokes?

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youtube. just tpe in yo mama jokes or just jokes;)- by chidiebere chike udeagha

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Since jokes are subjective and jokes only if you think they are, I can only provide what amuses me: The joke's on you.

What books have good ideas for crafting on halloween?

Books that have good ideas for crafting on Halloween are Good Housekeeping, Easy-to-Do Halloween crafts, Enchanted Learning and a Ghostly Good Time are all good books.

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What is a good Halloween story that deals with seances?

The Seance is a good book about seances it is an excellent read however it is not based on Halloween and or takes place on Halloween.