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Unfortunately there are several reasons contributing to cramping during pregnancy. They can be due to gas, constipation, implantation bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage,vanishing twin syndrome, or pre-term labor.

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Q: For how long is normal to have cramps in early pregnancy?
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How long does abdominal cramps usually last during early pregnancy?

I just read in another article that if it's early uterus growth may last several day's

What does it mean if there is a small amount of blood after sex during early pregnancy?

my doctor told me it was normal as long as its not a bunch

Is it normal to feel sleepy and have cramps during early pregnancy?

Yes ur body is gearing up for the long journey ahead u will get some energy back around the 4th month good luck sweetie n rest all u can trust me

Is the last day of spotting heavy?

No all the spotting should be light , and not last as long as your normal period. Yes, this is very normal during the early weeks of pregnancy.

If you are a virgin but your period is very heavy and are experiencing bad cramps and dizziness?

As long as you have not had intercourse, with anyone , and even if you have heavy heavy, and you have cramps and dizziness , are not signs of pregnancy.

Is it normal to having pain pregnancy in just one month?

Yess for the most part. As long as its not intense bent over pain mild cramps and back ache and tenderness all over is normal unless followed by bleeding. Then you should see a doctor.

What is the normal size of a 7 week embryo in pregnancy?

1cm long

When you have your period does it be painful?

Menstruation can be painful, but not always and no one should tolerate pain thinking that it's normal. Menstrual cramps are common but not a normal part of healthy menstruation, most women can easily prevent cramps as long as there is no underlying health problem.

How can you tell the difference between menstrual cramps and pregnancy cramps?

Just speaking from experience. You shouldn't have pregnanacy cramps?? When I was miscarring I had severe cramping but that was later on the preganancy. Do you have spotting or bleeding? If so, contact your doctor right away! Have you miised you scheduled period? Menstrual cramps feel similar to inital labor pains, but of course the labor pains become much more intense. Good luck to you. THE REAL ANSWER RIGHT HERE!!!!!! should have cramping during pregnancy because your uterus is making way for the baby. yeah you can have misscarrage cramps but c'mon, everyone knows about implantation cramps.....

Why one drop of spotting occured during 13th week of pregnancy?

As long as it is only a drop, not accompanied by cramps or anything you probably have nothing to worry about.

Are diarrhea and menstrual like cramps an early sign of pregnancy two weeks prior to your period?

The luteal phase after ovulation is typically two weeks long on average. So two weeks prior to your period lines up with ovulation when it is possible to conceive. It is unlikely to have any symptoms of pregnancy two weeks before your period. Good luck!

Do you get mild cramps off and on before and during missed periods?

As long as you are having normal period flow, the absence of cramping just means you're lucky.